About Me

I’ve enjoyed working with a variety of local leaders while serving on the Richfield Human Rights Commission, helping to build educational partnerships around racism and equity topics with the school district, library, churches and non-profits.  It has also been an honor to work with many of you doing political outreach work inside and outside of political parties and the Richfield Social Justice group; lobbying city and school district officials to address issues of racial injustice, affordable housing, and other development concerns.  I am prepared for the job of city council through that work, educational background, and my professional career path as a regulatory affairs and quality assurance manager at a small medical device firm, public health researcher, regulator for the MN Department of Health, and a variety of administrative and labor positions in manufacturing, financial services, and health insurance.

For more about my professional and educational credentials please refer to my LinkedIn profile.

I have a strong commitment to ethical and empathic policy, and believe we need to prioritize public welfare and well-being above all other interests.  I believe it is possible to have policy that protects the interests of the public while also recognizing that we must create an environment where we all benefit through business expansion and thoughtful development.  

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