Economic Protection

We should all be excited and proud of the work we have done in this city to make it a livable, welcome place where people want to live.  Over the past several years we have seen Richfield become a high-demand city, booming with $200M more development.

As we proceed down that path we must welcome it with caution and due deliberation.  Greater development is beneficial as it brings financial resources into our community, broadens the tax base to cut or hold property taxes stable for homeowners, updates blighted buildings, and can be a mechanism to improving city services.  But this development comes at a cost.  It turns affordable housing into unaffordable housing, gentrifies our neighborhoods by pricing lower-income people, who are  disproportionately people of color, out of the market, and it can squeeze residents out of their homes as property taxes increase. 

Which leads me to this. Our location in the Twin Cities is the envy of many cities and development is one result of being so close to several major freeways, both downtowns,  the airport, and the Mall of America. But when there is an option, I will actively work to prioritize more affordable housing dwellings whenever possible so that our lowest earners can enjoy all the city has to offer.


Go To Equity