An environment that supports the public health and well-being should be a centerpiece of our community. This is done by ensuring our housing stock is healthy, new development accounts for its environmental impact, and we have policies that are scientifically supported to reduce environmental harm.

With $200M in new development happening in Richfield, we have a duty to current residents and residents for the next 100 years to ensure that our new construction is done responsibly and accounts for its impacts on the environment. Richfield construction policy should reflect our best understanding of 21st century challenges and our need to face those challenges together.


  • Enact policy to incentivize/require new construction to include alternative energy sources (e.g. solar, wind, geothermal), environmentally friendly materials, and/or construction methods;
  • Require new or resurfaced commercial parking spaces to be zero runoff. Offer flexibility in parking space requirements to allow a broader range of development possibilities;
  • Support the selective build-up of multifamily homes and apartment complexes, especially along major development corridors in order to broaden housing options and broaden the tax base, ensure the retention of low income housing, and decrease metro sprawl;
  • Enact policy to support homeowners and businesses who wish to invest in energy improvements;
  • Ensure local outdoor spaces support environmental goals.

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