Equity work is central to my volunteerism. I actively speak out and advocate on racism, welcome the leadership of people of color, and provide my own work and talents in what ways I can to help create a cultural shift that is so needed. I will continue to learn about my own privileges and biases and actively promote spaces where underrepresented communities can represent themselves.

Richfield is within the epicenter of racial disparities that plague our region and our state.  These disparities are found in education, economic opportunity, healthcare, criminal justice, and any other area of society one wishes to look at.  Federal anti-discrimination laws didn’t fix hearts and minds or address the need for representation in power structures by communities of color. I am committed to addressing our historical and present day harms and will always strive to advance anti-racist policies.

I recognize a significant need for Richfield to adopt policies that move us toward full accessibility, better housing, and stronger services for our disabled community.  I have ties to this community and will be forever bound to them as well through my wife, family, and friends. I am deeply honored to have a name sign given to me (the letter ‘b’ in the sign of a hat). I laud the creation of the Richfield Disability Advocacy Partnership, and recognize Fraser, Pacer, and other local non-profits in making positive change for the disability community locally.  Richfield is a community of communities and each deserve political and legal recognition, access to local power structures, and fair and equal treatment from all neighbors.

I am also strongly for the rights of the GLBTQ+ community and will be forever bound to them by my own history, my family, and my friends.

I will actively work to ensure that equity is a focal point of my advocacy.


  • Improve the connections between council members with commissions and community-groups.   
  • Local criminal justice reform.
  • Provide training and resources to assist city staff, businesses, and local organizations to work against biased and exclusionary practices.
  • Work with immigrant communities to ensure we are doing what we can to support their needs.
  • Promote fully accessible housing and development, within a community that pays a fair wage for the work performed by differently-abled persons.

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